Dtech Support Service


We also offer services to organisation in sourcing technical equipment, training of workforce on equipment handling, and maintenance in the following sector.

-Automotive engineering services.


-Oil and gas.


- Energy.

- Security equipments.


In furtherance to delivering quality services and maintaining our integrity, DTECH Support Services Limited also work in partnership with manufacturer in providing spare parts to carry out repairs and routine maintenance in the industry cadres listed above.

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On every project Dtech Support Service bring a problem-solving approach to the table and work with you to ensure we generate solutions that deliver exceptional results for your investments.

DTECH SUPPORT SERVICE provides field and engineering services to discerning clients seeking prompt, high- quality and cost-effective project delivery that meet functional & technical requirements.

We provide effective solutions for each stage of your project - design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation. Whether the project is designing a new facility, retrofitting or de-